Felix Club has been designed keeping in mind the vibrancy and the exclusiveness for its members. It is a perfect place for night   birds.  It includes  a dance floor, pub, cigar  lounge  and  eating  space. The Light and Sound for the Night Club is of “HIGH END”    from   USA,  “GRIVEN”  from  Italy  and  “MARTIN  AUDIO”  from England respectively. Music is mind blowing and will leave you spell bound. In other words, it makes you feel the other side of your life. The Bar and the Menu has been  specially  crafted  to keep up to the expectations of its members and to surprise them with the latest in cocktails and food with every visit.

The  facilities  is  managed  and  maintained  to  the   highest standard. The  walls  have  been  exotically  hand painted by design students from Mumbai. The disco furniture is eclectic; lights and fog machines create  the  perfect  ambience  of all themed parties. The bar lights are on wireless remote control and the mood can be brightened or softened as the occasion demands.  The  bar  serves  Indian  as  well as foreign liquor. Eatables  include  delicious  High Snacks. 

Rave Real Estate Pvt. Ltd.

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